Death is not a sin || Kuruk and Zuko AU




"It’s time you learned your lesson, prince.”

Uncle had not been there to witness it. He had gone off to gather the rest of the crew, sending news that it was time to depart. They had insight on the avatar’s trail, and of course Zhao had deducted the information before he had even caught Zuko. He had always been one step ahead. Now, he would take the victory, once and for all.

It wasn’t painful, the blast of fire that engulfed his body. The only thing that caused his screams to become audible was remembering his uncle, and knowing he would never see him again. Their last conversation had been an argument, and in his last moment, it had all seemed worthless and for nothing, regretting his foolishness.

He felt himself drift into an eternal sleep. Everything was dark, cold. But something about it felt wrong. It felt alive. Like he was actually in a place. He had never really imagined what dying would be like, but certainly it shouldn’t feel like…like…

He opened his eyes, surrounded by an eerie swamp. Fog and musk clouded the air, making it difficult for him to see where he was exactly.


He called out hopelessly, receiving no response in return. The cool air pierced his skin, and when he tried to protrude fire, nothing happened. What is this place… He thought desperately. He could have sworn Zhao had finished him off for good. So why did he feel so….alive?

But he didn’t feel alive. He felt nothing. Yes, he had a body and he could feel himself breathing, but deeper, he could feel himself empty, rid of any emotions or connects to his previous world. He became more and more aware of this, and panic started setting in. He cried out.

Where the hell am I?!” 

It was a strange sight to behold when people first entered the spirit world. There was so much confusion, overwhelm, and most times hurt inside of them that it brought on sympathy for the widower. When he first ventured into the spirit world he was alive and had Avatar Yangchen as a guide. But now it was his reality, his home, what he had come to know as the afterlife. Avatar Yangchen was no longer his guide, but rather his equal. So he had taken it upon himself to be the greeter, the guide, and the friend to those who entered the confusing and complex land that was the spirit world.

Kuruk clutched his spear in his left hand and jumped out from a tall tree, landing in front of the scarred teenager. “You’re in the spirit world, kid. Nice to meet you, I’m Avatar Kuruk.” He held out his free hand for a shake.


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